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Dr. Hellerstein’s research studies in depression, which he has conducted for over 25 years, include psychopharmacology (medication), psychotherapy and MRI imaging studies. They are conducted at the Depression Evaluation Service of Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. His current studies are as listed below.

Click HERE to see Dr. Hellerstein’s academic publications on PubMed.  

Depression Evaluation Service

Desvenlafaxine vs. placebo for treatment of chronic depression –


New Patients 


Dr. Hellerstein sees patients for consultations and evaluations, and can accept some new patients for psychopharmacology (medication) and/or psychotherapy treatment. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in the evaluation and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, including persistent depression (dysthymia), major depression, treatment-resistant depression, and bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and conditions such as OCD and PTSD. ​

David J. Hellerstein, MD

Psychiatrist, Writer and Researcher

Scheduling an appointment:

  • Please call Dr. Hellerstein’s office to schedule an appointment: 212-875-1357.

What to bring:

  • If you have a scheduled appointment, prior to your first visit, please make a list of any current and/or past psychiatric medication treatments and psychotherapy experiences.
  • Make a list of all your medical conditions, and current medications that you take, including herbal/natural preparations.
  • Get a copy of any recent laboratory tests (in the past 6-12 months) and bring them to your first visit.
  • If you have an outside psychotherapist or psychiatrist, please sign a release of information before your first visit so your doctor/therapist can communicate with Dr. Hellerstein.
  • Please bring a check or credit card to pay for your visit.

Payments and insurance:

  • Dr. Hellerstein does not accept any commercial insurance, and is not an in-network provider for any insurance company.
  • He also has ‘opted out’ of Medicare, so patients with Medicare coverage cannot submit bills from visits for Medicare reimbursement.
  • Depending on your insurance plan, you may be eligible for reimbursement for these visits: you should check with your plan prior to the visit.
  • Payment is required at the time of the first visit (check or credit card)
  • Dr. Hellerstein will provide you with a statement that you can submit to your insurance company.

Missed and cancelled appointments

  • Patients will be responsible for payment of charges in full for all scheduled visits unless canceled >24 hours prior to the appointment.